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We want to make the whole process of finding out about potential rentals easy for the renter. Instead of having to scour the internet for bits of information, we will bring it all together in one place. We are not a listing site, we’ll leave that to the experts. We are here purely to assist renters in researching the best place to suit their needs.

Our Reviews:

We visit all the properties listed here as if we are potential renters. We do this completely anonymously, so the person we speak to treats us as a potential tenant. Our views are based on what we see at this time. We cannot base our opinions on anything other than first impressions and so when looking at our ratings, please bear in mind, it is not based on any experience of actually living in the property.

Tenant Reviews:

In order to get a clear and accurate idea of what it is actually like to live in these properties, we need your reviews. We might give the fixtures and fittings 5 starts because they are modern and updated and the appliances stainless steel, but a tenant might only give them 3 as once they are used a lot they fall apart. You have the opportunity to rate the buildings and units using the same criteria us. You can also add your comments and tell others exactly why you love or hate the apartment. The more opinions we get, the better.

Google Reviews:

As if our own reviews and those of tenants visiting our site aren’t enough, we also give you access to third-party reviews from Google. Just click on the tab titled Google Reviews on the individual buildings review page.

By giving you a combination of so many resources, we hope to help you make the right decision about your future rental. So, don’t forget to rate your apartment on Calgary Apartment Reviews. If you cannot find the building in our database, please use our contact form and we will do our best to add it.

Monthly Rent Rates:

Because rent rates can change, we do not give actual figures, instead, we give you a $ rating based on the following criteria.

Price Range based on average price for a 1-bedroom unit in the building.

$$$1,001 – $1,250
$$$$1,251 – $1,500
$$$$$1,501 – $1,750

Monthly Parking Rates:

Parking rates can also vary over time, so we rate them as follows.

$$$51 – $100
$$$$101 – $150
$$$$$151 – $200
$$$$$>$201 +